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Malaysia Newspaper Clipping is about sharing all the interesting and cool stuff from our local newspaper, mostly are advertisement stuff, like Sale, Travels, Scholarship, Events, Contest, Concerts and many more! This Web-Blog was first setup and launched since 2008.

We also provide advertisement services; advert will be posted at several Web-Blog for a minimum fees of RM10.

We hope that Malaysia Newspaper Clipping have been providing you useful information. We will keep on sharing the good stuff for the benefits of All! If you think you have any comment or feedback that you can’t help but to write it here, well……you are definitely most welcomed. It will be great to hear from you.

If you need more information, or just would like to know us better and would like to email us, feel free to drop us an email at admin{@}amdtaufik.com.

hope to hear from you actually ..hihi.

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DISCLAIMER: Every care is taken to ensure the information is correct at time of publishing, such information may be changed without our prior knowledge, including dates, time and venue, specific offer items, price, free gifts etc. Any errors or omissions are deeply regretted but amdTaufik.com (AT) cannot be held liable. It is also important to note that many offers are also only valid “while stocks last”, hence we cannot guarantee availability at any time. Nevertheless, we will try, wherever and whenever possible, to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information for your convenience. Use of an organisation’s logo on AT does not imply endorsement of the organisation by AT, nor does it imply endorsement of AT by the organisation.

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