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PC Fair vs PC Expo 2011

11.02.2011 · Posted in Event, pc expo Nov2011

This weekend two giant PC exhibition will be held here in Kuala Lumpur, namely PC Expo & PC Fair. PC Expo will be held in MidValley Exhibition Centre, on the other hand, PC Fair will be held at the new Pikom IT Mall – The CapSquare Mall.

PC Expo will start from 4 ~ 6 Nov 2011

PC Fair start from 3 ~ 6 Nov 2011

Do you thing we will see a huge price different between the two giant PC exhibition? Personally, I don’t think so. I’m sure the price item will be the same as most major players will be present at both PC exhibition. In a way, it is sufficient to just go to either one of the exhibition.

The next question will be, which will you choose? PC Expo or PC Fair? PC Expo is a new player, i think it started like a year or two years back, still new but it is also worth to check it out as they manage to gather lots of big player in one big exhibition hall, among those participating will be will be Acer, Canon, Buffalo, D-Link, Fujitsu, Garmin, PapaGo, Sony, TM and many more.

PC Fair have been around for many years, i can say that 99% of us experienced PC Fair at least once, myself included, more than one time lah, sometimes go PC Fair twice a year. :). The best part, there is another PC Fair that will be organise by Pikom at  Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 2 ~ 4 Dec 2011.

So which will you choose?

Check out the Canon PC Expo price and Canon PC Fair price below, hehehe, the same thing just different location.

More about PC Fair & PC Expo 


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