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Maternity & Children Expo 2011 Mid Valley

11.20.2011 · Posted in Expo Exhibition

This post should have been published yesterday lagi, but i was so tired after a long day at the expo. Still I’ve manage  to watched the live telecast of Sukan Sea 2011 football match between Malaysia and Myanmar. Congrats to Malaysia Harimau Muda for winning 1 – 0 over Myanmar.

Ok, the Maternity and Children Expo is now held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center (MIVEC), level 3 of Mid Valley Shopping Mall. Today 20 Nov 2011, will be the expo last day. It was scheduled to be held from 18 Nov ~ 20 Nov 2011, Friday to Sunday, open from 10am ~ 9pm.

Well there are lots of exhibitors at Maternity & Children Expo 2011, I saw Purren, Combi, Enfagrow, Mothercare, Early Learning Centre, Stem Cells and many many more. Here, most of the items are at discounted price, I cant say all coz i did not visit all the booth at expo.

One of the best offer at Maternity & Children Expo 2011 is at Mongoose Publishing booth, I pay for TimeOut Malaysia (For Kids) 2012 for only RM25 instead of RM38. On top of that they given me a free voucher and tickets to KL Bird Park. According to the promoter, she will give me any number of tickets that I want … which is great, then I can bring along my family with me, I got 4 adults and 2 kids tickets for FREE to KL Bird Park.


Ohh I also got 4 RM10 that’s = RM40 free gift voucher to spent at KL Bird Park Hornbill Restoran & Kafe. Looking foward to a family sponsored trip to KL Bird Park …. :D

You should also check out the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre booth, discounts up to 80%. The thing I dislike most is that they have a very small walkway, they have so many customers coming whit so may items on display. It was difficult to move around in this booth. We bought the “Car Playground”, 50% off, got it for RM169.

We were at the Enfagrow and Buds booth, make some purchase there too. Everything was discounted.

Oh yeah I saw Sazzy Falak at the Maternity & Children Expo 2011, she definitely look great & slim after giving birth to the twins. Wanted to take some pictures with her, tapi being me, shy lah, I think part of it, maybe coz she looks great …. some other time maybe :D

Overall the Maternity & Children Expo 2011 was great. I cant run away from the small walkway provided in the expo. But again, the organiser should take into consideration giving better & bigger walkway, I don’t mine if I’m all by myself, but with strollers, kids and baby it is a big concerns.

Ok, enjoy your Maternity & Children Expo 2011. The next Maternity & Children Expo will be held somewhere around March 2012, from the signage it say 9 ~ 11 March 2012.


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