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Garmin vs PapaGo, Which GPS to Choose?

11.06.2011 · Posted in GPS

It seems like most of the people now rely on GPS to move around from one place to another place. Myself, I don’t own a GPS. usually i’ll check out the Google Map for a direction to an unknown or unfamiliar places. Google Map does provide a good accurate maps. The only drawback will be that you have to print the map and read it while driving (a bit dangerous if you don’t have a co-drive next to you).

The truth is, I don’t have the need for GPS, I’m a Malaysian, knows my way without a GPS, although sometimes I do get lost along the way, but I have the Malaysian to rely on “Malu bertanya sesat jalan!” they are helpful :) plus, I do get helpful tips from Mr Google and its Map. Hey, those people on GPS do get lost too! Kan?

So why am I writing “Garmin vs PapaGo, Which GPS to choose?” post for? Well, it was due to PC Expo Garmin Promotion 2011 . The Garmin nuvi 1350 selling for RM499. Cheap kan? I think it is cheap. So that is way lah I’m comparing which between this two is a good buy.


Here are some of my conclusion after googling for Garmin vs Papago;

PapaGo – the Papago GPS is a software base, that is easily installed on your smartphone. Most of the bloggers have successfully installed and use it on their HTC and Andriod phones.

PapaGo – uses a free map base. According to most of the bloggers, they said that PapaGo’s map is better and much more detail. It will detail out the gas station with its appropriate icon, like Petronas, Shell or Esso, the same goes on religion center like mosque and church.

PapaGo – have better view on complicated junction. It will be easier for you to decide on which turning to take.

PapaGo – they say that, PapaGo is much more cheaper, the price is from RM400++

Garmin – Most of the bloggers agreed that Garmin have a good GUI, good screen touch sensitivity. And a very good feature for any electrical device, easy and friendly to use.

Garmin – Have the ability to alert you on upcoming Camera Traps, Plaza tol, Traffic Light Camera. Honestly I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it is one of the best features for those who speeds a lot. (remember, always drive safely!) even though it has such  feature, it does mean you are allowed to speed sesuka hati as you like.  This was base on one of the blogger review; Reezwan (written in Malay language) on Garmin nuvi 255w.

Garmin – Apart from using its own map, it also have the ability to use free maps provided. Whit this I’m assuming it should be able to have the same ability as PapaGo; a detailed map.

Garmin – I’m looking at buying Garmin nuvi 1350 which have a new feature call Bird Eye View, this will be able to help you out on the complicated junction. So far I have not read any review on this, hopefully this will be able to overcome the previous version of Garmin GPS.

Garmin – satellite locking and detour is fast!

Garmin – support and warranty is well established as it has its own map, not just relying on free maps. But nowadays free stuff do get good supports too!

Most bloggers prefer to use PapaGo, it is well known on its detailed map and cheaper price. But, personally I think Garmin is better as it support both map including free one, and now with nuvi 1350, it is able to overcome the complicated junction. Price for Garmin nuvi 1350 is just RM499 now …. considerable cheap lah kan?

Conclusion … despite of all the comparison I’ve made, i’m still buying Garmin, nuvi 1350, coz the price is now RM499 at PC Expo Midvalley. Both have their pros and cons, i’m sure any one of this, either Garmin or PapaGo, it should be able to accomodate your GPS needs. The choice is in your hand!



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3 Responses to “Garmin vs PapaGo, Which GPS to Choose?”

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  2. Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. :)

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