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AirAsia Fly Osaka | AirAsia Promotion 2011 2012

11.30.2011 · Posted in AirAsia

Yes it is official that AirAsia now fly to Osaka, Japan. You can now fly to Osaka with AirAsia from as low as RM199

Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka with an all in fare on economy seat from RM199, or get the AirAsia X premium Flat Bed from RM599. The flight to Osaka from Kuala Lumpur will roughly take around 6 to 7hrs. Choose your seat wisely :). I know most of you will just go for RM199.

The AirAsia Fly Osaka Promotion 2011 2012 – booking period is from 1 ~ 11 Dec 2011, travel period is as early as 1 Dec 2011 untill 31 Mar 2011.

Ohh its winter season in Osaka, Japan. According to most review, December is not so cold, roughly from 12′ Celsius to 5 :), it will get colder in January. Plan properly for a wonderfull vacation in Osaka with AirAsia Fly Osaka Promotion 2011 2012.

Book your AirAsia Fly Osaka Promotion 2011 2012 at www.airasia.com



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