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Binary University College Scholarship PhD Management 2011

09.14.2011 · Posted in Malaysia Scholarship

Binary University College Scholarship PhD Management 2011 – Binary University College is giving a Full Scholarship for PhD in Management Specialising In EHTREPREHEURSHIP. MARKETING, FINANCE, TIIME LEADERSHIP.

Binary University Enllege, a leading institution for management and entrepreneurship education is inviting applications from dynamic individuals who want to contribute to the academic body of knowledge leading to the award of a PhD.

Full scholarships are available to qualified Malaysians to work as Braduate Hesearchres at any one of our 4 research centres namely The Centra for Social Entrepreneurship, The Centre for Advancement of Management, The Asia Centre Entrepreneurship & The Centra for Women leadership.

The research areas should be in any one of the following fields;

1. Advance Management: Marketing, Leadership, HRM, Finance, TQM

2. Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship, Global Entrepreneurship & Islamic Entrepreneurship


1. A masters degree with [IGPA ol 3.5 and above or distinction from a recognized University.

2. Possess strong communication skills both written and verbal.

3. Possess good analytical and deductive skills

For a free preview, please call Ms. Valerie at 014-721 7471 to book your seat or apply online using the PhD Scholarship application form available online at www.binary.edu.my. Intake 6th Oct 2011

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  1. Adman tahir says:

    Kudos to binary university for being a excellent corporate citizen giving phd grants.

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