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Airasia Cadet Pilot Vacancy 2010

12.20.2010 · Posted in Review

Airasia Pilot Job Vacancy 2010 – if you aspire to be a pilot, Airasia cadet pilot programmes are among the world ‘s best. Have you got what it takes? Closing date for Airasia Cadet Pilot is on 31 January 2011, only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Required document for Airasia Cadet Pilot  applications, 1. Updated Curriculum Vitae 2. Educational certificates: SPM/ Diploma/ Degree and any other relevant qualifications.

Required document For Cadet applications, please upload :-
1. Updated Curriculum Vitae2. Educational certificates: SPM/ Diploma/ Degree and any other relevant qualifications

Logon to airasia.com and send you application now, the Airasia Cadet Pilot vacancy pilot link is http://www.airasia.com/my/en/corporate/jobscadet.html

airasia cadet pilot vacancy 2010

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29 Responses to “Airasia Cadet Pilot Vacancy 2010”

  1. can i submit my trials result? because i’m getting my spm results only after the closing date.

  2. Hi Seah, you may try your luck as they did not state anything on spm trial. all the best!

  3. Hi. Im currently undergoing my pilot training in the philippines at wcc aviation flying academy… Is there any possibilities for me to join air asia as a cadet pilot… Ive logged 48 hours of flying in my logbook… Thanks…

  4. Hi Raj, please liaise directly with airasia

  5. is it possible for me to become pilot if i’m wearing specs?

  6. may i ask if the deadline of the vacancy is 31st Jan 2011 o 2010?Is dis a scholarship programme whr airasia wil sponsor those chosen 1 to study piloting course?

  7. Hi Adrian, tqvm for asking the closing date should be in 2011. This is a job vacancy posting will all the relevant training provided.

  8. Hi Yang, i’m not really sure, but usually it will require you to have a good eye sight.

  9. Hi, i currently had an issues regarding to my scholarship, how many time i seek for my scholarship, still come to end. i also already had an interview with MFA(Malaysia Flying Academy), and i passed the interview. But, as i stated, i can’t proceed my training due that problem

  10. Hi there. I’m enquiring on behalf of a friend who finished his spm in year 2006. he then did his alvels and is currently doing a degree in the IT field. would he still be able to apply with his spm results or would they look at his undergrad results?

  11. hi, i’m currently doing PPL and would like to further studies up to CPL/IR (Frozen ATPL). Is it possible to apply for the Cadet Pilot? I’ve also a 4-year degree in engineering.

  12. Hi Rahman, i’m not really sure, but no harm trying, just submit your application.

  13. Hi MK, honestly i’m not really sure only Airasia teams can answer this. Anyway no harm trying – good luck and all the best.

  14. hi, i’m wearing glasses. Will they accept my application?

  15. Hi there. Is this pilot cadetship program comes with a full scholarship from air asia?

  16. Hi Faizul this is more like a vacancy opportunity.

  17. Iqmal Zulkifli says:

    is there any vacancy to join the pilot training for this year 2011?

  18. hi,i really want to become a pilot.how to get a scholarship from air asia after my spm results come out?where do i start?

  19. Hi Iqmal, the vacancy was closed early this year, will update the post if there is a new vacancy

  20. Now i study for stpm, can i use my spm to apply? Hw much of de fee? Wat should i do now?

  21. sugumaran says:

    hi now i’m waiting for my spm result.can i know when is the next cadet pilot programme intake?
    thank you…

  22. hi there….just nw i 5nh certificate electric n electronic cource in polytchnic…..
    its that possible am i enter air asia flying school?

  23. ok. thank you. so it means that i need to pay all the fees if i was chosen for this programme?

  24. hi there…. currently im waiting for my spm result.. would you tell me when the next cadet pilot programme intake?? thank you…

  25. can i ask for now still got intake? pls reply me,TQ

  26. sadhakcharan a/l subadev says:

    hi there am spm leaver with 3 credits but unfortunately i miss my maths subject n retake the exam so do i have a change to become one of ur cadet pilot.





  29. Tuan/Puan,

    I am sitting for my SPM. this year 2012.
    1) When can I apply for the post of cadet pilot?
    2) Is the training for the cadet pilot fully
    sponsor by airasia ? and
    3) what are the subjects credit in, needed for
    the application?

    Thank you, Sir

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