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50% off Traffic Summons discounts (2010)

12.01.2010 · Posted in Advertisement, sale

50% off Traffic Summons discounts for year 2010 – good news for those who have pending saman traffic summons. This 50% discounts is valid for only two weeks starting today. If you cant afford to pay within this two weeks, a 30% discounts will be given after that two week period on pending traffic summons which end till end of Dec 2010.

Hurry grab this opportunity to settle all your traffic summons. Starting Jan 2011, you have to pay the full amount already, and after 28 Feb 2011 those who did not pay their traffic summons will be blacklisted!

The 50% and 30% traffic summons discounts does not apply for saman Ops Sikap summons, or those who had arrest warrants, or those issued summons for serious accidents.

Jom pay our saman traffic summons!  for more details about the traffic summons discount, check out today Star newspaper. I think this post should also park under shopping and sale – the Malaysia Year End Sale :)

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