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MST Golf Opening Sale 2010

05.19.2010 · Posted in Advertisement, sale

The new MST Golf Store is having a special sale – MST Golf Opening Sale Special. The New MST Golf 12,000 ft flagship store is located at MST Golf Plaza, 8 Jalan SS 13/5, 45700 Subang Jaya, Selangor nearby Monash University Sunway Campus.

The MST Golf Sale is from 18 ~ 30 May, the MST Golf Store will be open from 10am ~ 7pm. For more information about MST Golf Opening Sale 2010 call 03 5566 8600

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  1. Lyn Marquez says:

    I’m a new golfer and I want to have a driver which is very forgiving but cheap. Can you recommend me which brand is more comfortable to a new golfer like me. I am not comfortable to the distance when I’m in driving range.

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