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Putrajaya Hot Air balloon 2010

01.25.2010 · Posted in Event

Following the success of last year Hot Air balloon event, this year in 2010, the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon is schedule to take place from 18 ~ 21 March 2010 in Putrajaya,  watch colorful hot air balloons float the skies of Putrajaya.

The hot air balloons will take off at the Putrajaya Monument Alaf Baru in Precinct-2. It will fly at a height not more than 10,000 feet. The public can enjoy the hot air balloons rides for only RM10. The hot air balloon will be tie to a fixed object on the ground, limiting its range of movement.  There will be five balloons for the ride, available in two sessions from 8am ~ 11am and 6pm ~ 9pm on the day of the event.

The Putrajaya Hot Air Ball0on  Themed ‘ 1 World, 1 Malaysia, 1 Fiesta’ is featuring 23 balloonists from 12 countries. Some of the countries that participate are Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, The Netherlands, United State, Japan and France.

The organizer is expecting around 150,000 spectators to attend the event, double last year’s figure. Other activities that come along with Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon 2010 for the public include . . .

  • Helicopter rides
  • Water ball
  • Speher rides
  • Colouring competition
  • Photography competition
  • Auto show
  • Petting zoo

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