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P1 Wimax

12.09.2009 · Posted in Review

Potong, Potong, Potong, potong semua nya! As per my previous post, I registered with P1 Wimax during PC Fair last weekend. Save RM69.  The best part I get to return it and cancel my registration in within 7 days.


Currently I’m connected to internet via Izzi, so far I’m satisfied with Izzi. The main reason I registered with P1 Wimax is just to have the feel of the most talked P1 Wimax internet broadband connection here in Malaysia. I registered with Home Plus connection with Desktop Wifi Modem, eligible for 1.2Mbps Download speed and 500Kbps Upload speed, sounds good kan.

Here are the equipments I get from P1 Wimax Desktop package

  • P1 Wimax Modem
  • P1 Wimax USB Wifi Adapter
  • Installation Guide
  • Power adapter
  • Lan Cable
P1 Wimax Modem

P1 Wimax Modem

P1 Wimax USB Wifi Adapter

P1 Wimax USB Wifi Adapter

P1 Wimax Installation Guide

P1 Wimax Installation Guide

The best part; it does not require any userid & password to get connected to internet via P1 Wimax. It was so easy to setup the modem and make the first connection, just plug & play. Since it was so simple, just reading the installation guide for 2 minutes I was able to get connected already.

The Desktop package will allow you to setup WIFI Access connection. It come with configured SSID & WEP access number. No need to configure anything, hassle FREE! But if you think the pre-configured SSID & WEP is not sufficient, you’ll be able to to re-configured it as you like.

According to the Installation Guide, if the green LED is on, you’ll have an Excellent connection. Unfortunately my P1 Wimax connection was really slow although I got the green LED on.


Did a few test with P1 Wimax speed test tools, here are one of the test result …


My place was not actually covered by P1 Wimax, its fair & good enough to get such rate. But somehow browsing the internet with such rate seems to be slow, especially from evening onwards but during the day, it was as good as Izzi, smooth internet connection.

P1 Wimax is different from the rest of the operators with easy and simple setup, but just not for me now. I cant be using an inconsistent broadband connection. Have to wait until P1 Wimax cover my area. For now I’ll just use my superb Izzi broadband connection.

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  1. Cole Powell says:

    Wimax offer more bandwidth and more services than traditional microwave communications. .:`

  2. Isaac Gonzalez says:

    Wimax would be the solution to the ever congested bandwidth of 3G*”:

  3. Wimax is so great, lots of bandwidth and new services too-*’

  4. Constipation Remedies  says:

    Wimax will actually provide more bandwidth and service on the congested cellular frequencies.`-

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