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My old Compaq Presario

12.18.2009 · Posted in Review

I had this computer with me since 2003, bought it at the famous computer shopping mall – The Low Yatt. It had help me in so many ways especially on my office works and freelance works. It has also bring me joys & pleasure allowing me to access the internet and surf all over the world wide web, allowing  me to read my favourite online comics, chatting and play computer games.

Somewhere along 2007, I gave this precious little notebook to my nice. It had served my niece well with her school works and  her online life thru social networking portal.

The notebook had serve us well for more than 5 years before it suffered severe injuries with its LCD display. In early 2009 the notebook was abandon and kept for its sentimental value.




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2 Responses to “My old Compaq Presario”

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