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Malaysia Year End Sale 2009

11.05.2009 · Posted in Advertisement, Event, Malaysia, sale

Malaysia Year End Sale 2009 is coming on your way soon. The sale will start from 21 November 2009 till 3 January 2010. Malaysia Year End Sale, also known as YES have been held for few years now. Its something similar to Malaysia Mega Sale.

But last year was slightly different, Malaysia Year End Sale was called Malaysia Saving Sale, it was organized around the same period last year. The last year Malaysia Saving Sale was great, packed with very cheap sale, promotion & entertainment.

I’m sure  that this year Malaysia Year End Sale 2009 will be as good or better than last year.

According to Tourism Malaysia this year Malaysia Year End Sale is offering fantastic retail therapy with great dining experience and fun-filled entertainment. The sale is organized at a perfect time, especially for those celebrating Christmas, not forgotten the New Year’s Eve. It is also a good opportunity for parents to prepare for their kids new schooling season.

Visitors and tourist can shop and save more during Malaysia Year End Sale 2009 as most items like apparels, accessories, dining, home decor, leisure and holiday packages will be offered at discounted prices.

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7 Responses to “Malaysia Year End Sale 2009”

  1. […] Sale. Here are the details on the coming Pureen Warehouse Sale. It will be held during the 2009 Malaysia Year End Sale, unfortunately it will last for 2 days […]

  2. bila Kl sale ya?diffrent ke tu Malaysia Year End Sale dan malaysia saving sale?saya lihat tak sama lah date sale nya…

  3. betul ke KL sale 21.november ni?tak sabar lah rasa ny nak pi shopping

  4. Dah start dah. Malaysia Year End Sale 2009 is coming. Jom pakat pi beli time murah camniee. Baru laa jimat duit. Beli barang mewah pada harga murah

  5. eloknya sales dibuat start awal tahun iaitu Januari hingga March, sbb org keje dpt bonus ujung bulan December, jadi boleh le diaorang spend duit bonus tu bila sales bermula pada Januari. Kalau dibuat mcm skg ni bulan November, org keje blm dpt bonus lagi.. jadi tukarlah year end sales jadi new year sales..betul tak?

  6. […] To those celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas to you. To the rest of the people enjoy your holiday and happy shopping. Check out the Malaysia Year End Sale […]

  7. Malaysia Year End Sale 2009 is always my favorite event of the year. It’s ending soon, but I hope this is not too late. Find discount vouchers and more!

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