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Malaysia Immigration Department – Half day experience in Malaysia Immigration Office

11.20.2009 · Posted in Malaysia

I’m currently in Bangkok at the time of writing this post. Last few days were very hectic with the current office work and my own personal work. I visited Malaysia Immigration Department Office last Monday, with me I bring along my wife and son, to renew my passport and apply new passport for my 1year old son.

The Photostat Story

We reach Malaysia Imegresen Immigration Office at 7.25am. Before entering the Malaysia Immigration Office, I need to photocopy a few of the required doc that need to be submitted together with the form. While walking towards the immigration office I’ve visited 5 stationary and magazines shops with photocopy machine, that particular time none of them except photocopying item. 2 of the shop told me the machine was out of order, 2 was not ready to accept photocopying job (to early in the morning) and 1 other shop; I could not locate the shop assistant or its owner.

Luckily there is one small photocopy shop at the entrance of Malaysia Imegresen Immigration Office. Cost me RM1.80 for 5 documents. 40 cents for double sided item usually IC / Mykad. That particular small photocopy shop also provides Passport Size Photograph services.

The Passport Form Story

Ni lagi satu hal. If you require the necessary forms, go to counter #1, but you DO NOT have to queue for it. Yes don’t queue for the forms. Usually counter #1 have the longest queue, especially in early morning. The main objective of counter #1 is to validate the forms and ensure you have all related documents attached with it before giving you a number. Lucky I go with my instinct, it might take me 30min before getting a form if I queue for it.

You can also download the form from Malaysia Immigration Website, print it and submit it. They will accept it. As for me, my printer was out of order.

The PEN Story

Ok, I’ve gotten the form; also have all related documents photocopied and the passport size photo. Now need to fill-up the forms before getting the number. At that time it was nearly 8am. While I was filling up the form, my pen was out of ink, unfortunately I don’t even have a spare pen. So I went to the small photocopy shop at the entrance of Malaysia Immigration Department and bought a new pen. It cost me RM1.40 for a simple normal pen, damn expensive!

The Number

By the time I was done with the forms, it was already 8.15am. Need to get the number now. I went to counter #10 to get my number. Earlier I mentioned go to counter no#1 to get your number – this apply to normal people without the special need of attention mentioned below. For me, as I’m also applying a new passport my 1 year old son, I can proceed with the special counter – counter #10.

Who can proceed to counter #10 – Special Counter

  • Parents with kids below 2 years old
  • Pregnant woman
  • Senior citizen (55 above)
  • Disable (OKU)

jabatan imegresen

The Process

At 8:30am mu number was called, we proceed to the counter and submit all the required docs and forms. It took us at least 10min at that particular counter. We submit 2 application forms. Fyi, kids under age Malaysia Passport cost only RM150 for 5 years. At that particular time I only submitted for 2 year which cost me RM100. Saving that RM50 for other stuff.

Now the payment process. Our number was called at 9.10am. Unfortunately things did not go so smooth from here onwards. My application was successfully processed, so I make the necessary payment but my son application was missing the correct detail.

They have specifically chopped my son’s application for 2 years of Malaysia Passport validity, but they have keyed-in 5 years validity. Now I have to wait until it goes back to the submitter officer to make the corection. The mistake was really wasting my time. Now I have to wait until they make the correction. The thing is, why make me WAIT when it is their mistake, cant they move faster and make the correction at that particular instance, this does not jive with Najib’s Slogan “Rakyat Didahulkan, Pencapaian Diutamkan”

At 9:30am, my number was recalled by the submitter officer to verify the correction, at 10:10am I was called to make the payment. Wasted 1 hour because of their mistake.

Now need to wait for 2 hours before I can collect the passports. I can only collect my passport at 12PM. It does not mean that I’ll bet getting my Malaysian Passport at 12PM; it just means that I can take a number to queue to take my passport.

Got my Malaysia Passport at 1PM

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  1. Abdul Razak Abd Majid says:

    i have encountered not once but twice with “a samseng and very RUDE kind of security guard IN THE WORLD” He is taking care of the entrance of the block which you go to make your passport. I did not get his name but he is not young, white moustach. If only aggresviveness is allow in this civilise world, he will for sure get from me. OBVIOUSLY HIS MOTHER NEVER TEACH HIM WHAT IS POLITENESS MEANS…..HE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE AT WHERE HUMAN GOES….

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