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Intresting Place in Kelantan

11.11.2009 · Posted in kelantan, Malaysia

I’ve always wonder where do people go when visiting Kelantan. According to one of the Malaysia Tourism brochure, it stated that the Intresting Place in Kelantan are

  • State Museum – Shows collection of Kelantan’s history artifacts
  • War Museum – Show collection of World War II history
  • Istana Jahar – Royal Kelantan’s culture museum. The Istana was built in 1887.
  • Istana Batu – Royal museum, displaying royal belongings.
  • Kota Sultan Ismail Petra
  • Masjid Kampung Laut – The oldest mosque, built around 300 years ago.
  • Handicraft Village
  • Cultural Village – also known as Gelanggang Seni. Here they will showcase some of the Kelantan traditional performances.

Looking at the list above, do you think its something that you’ll look forward to come visit and travel to Kelantan?  Most of the stated Interesting Place in Kelantan are museum and history related. Which will only take you half a day to visit all of this places as it is located nearby. Just a walk away from one museum to another museum. Have a look at my earlier post Kota Bharu | Malaysia Travel Guide

The list above is just 10% of what Kelantan can offer you. There are so many other Interesting Places in Kelantan. One thing for sure Kelantan have a different kind of culture, you’ll feel the different when you travel to Kelantan!

I’ll cover this is my next posts, 10 most visited place in Kelantan and Things to do when you in Kelantan

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