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How to upgrade WordPress

10.11.2009 · Posted in Review

Finally I have the ability, confidence, and know how to upgrade my wordpress software. I’ve been using wordpress version 2.2 since 2006. It was last 3 days that I decided to upgrade my wordpress version.

Why upgrade to the new version?

Its all about security, need to ensure that the website is using the latest version with all vulnerability patched. At the same time it will allow us to use new and latest plugin!


Backup is the 1st prerequisite that you’ll need to ensure before upgrading you wordpress. The easiest way is using the C-Panel backup tools. It works for me, i’m sure it will do the same for you. Make sure you backup both your mysql database & your domain-name folder (where wordpres is installed).

On-top those backup mentioned above I’ve also copied the domain-name folder into a different location for safe keeping & easier recovery.


Make sure you download an official copy of wordpress at wordpress.org. Upload it into your webserver where the upgrade will take place.


Here is how I’ve upgrade my wordpress. You can also refer to the original way of upgrading your wordpress at http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress

1. Unzip the wordpress installation file into your webserver. The unzip folder usually will be named as wordpress directory.

2. Rename the original domain-name folder (where wordpres is installed) to something else. For example in my case my original wordpress installation folder is malaysia, i’m renaming it to malaysia.bkp

3. Rename the wordpres folder (in 1) to malaysia (this is now the new installation instance of wordpress)

4. In your new instance wordpress folder, in my case its malaysia – delete the wp-content folder, to be safe rename it to something else. Just to make sure you did not delete / overwrite the old folder.

5. Copy the wp-content from old folder (malaysia.bkp) into the new folder (malaysia)

6. Copy wp-config.php  from old folder (malaysia.bk) into the new folder (malaysia)

7. By now I was able to browse http://amdtaufik.com/malaysia without any problem

8. As I tried login-into my admin page – it noticed that the wordpress version have been upgraded. It is now asking for a database upgrade, just follow the instruction and you’ll do just fine (it just took me less than a minutes)



There you go, upgrading wordpress my way. Now i’m using wordpress 2.8.4

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