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Petaling Jaya Digital Mall

08.27.2009 · Posted in Malaysia, shopping mall

Petaling Jaya Digital Mall well know as PJ Digital Mall is located at Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya. As the name suggest, you can find most of the digital item in here such as, handphone, camera, computers, laptops and thoose that are alike. You can also find some CD and DVDs here.

Petaling Jaya Digital Mall

If you are looking for handphone, then you’ll just wondering around from G-floor to 1st floor. On the 1st floor can also find Sony Center & Celcom Blue Cube.

On 2nd-floor you’ll find variety of computer store and its accessory, you’ll also find CDs and DVDs here. On 3rd-floor is the Computer Hypermarket Stall.

Personally I hardly go here, only if i’m nearby Seksyen 14 and have nothing to do. But if you are looking for a quite and less busy place to shop PJ Digitall Mall is a good place.

Petaling Jaya Digital Mall

During my 1st visit to PJ Digital Mall, i was looking for Wireless Network Repeater equipment called Level-One, unfortunately none of the network store located in that 3 storey building has it. They do have all sort of wireless network equipment over there, but just dont have the one I need. I had to go to Low Yatt at Bukit Bintang to purchase it.

A few days back, I went to PJ Digital Mall to look for Linux OS CD, found some store selling CDs located at level-2. I was surprised that they now sell the DVD for RM15. Is this the price now? I remembered a few year back thoose DVD / CD only cost RM10 or lesser.

The thing i found difficult to visit PJ Digital Mall is its parking space. Seksyen 14 can be so busy during the day be it on weekdays or weekends. They dont have enuf parking space over there.

Petaling Jaya Digital Mall

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