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IGB Scholarships 2009

04.05.2009 · Posted in Malaysia, Malaysia Scholarship

IGB scholarships in collaboration with Dato’ Tan Chin Nam Foundation is now open. Submit your application before 31st May 2009

The Scholarship is open to all Malaysians who are granted a place in our Local Public Universities and it’s catered especially for students in the lower income families. Below are some information pertaining to the Scholarship 2008 Program:-

Qualified Field of Studies


·         Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Building Science, Quantity Surveying                  


·         Finance & Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economic  


·         Hotel Management / Hospitality, Real Estate Management, Human Resource, Law, Mass Communication, Retail Management, Public Relations

Bio Science

·         Pharmaceutical, Clinical Science, Health Science


Award Package

·         Maximum Scholarship value of RM40,000.00 to cover full academic fees, books and etc

·         Living expenses for the duration of the course.

·         Paid Training Attachment


Who can apply?

        Good STPM results or completed Diploma level (CGPA 3.00)

        Has a good command of English Language both written and spoken.

        A record of active participation in extra curricular activities.

        Not bonded or holding any other scholarship or receiving financial assistance from any organization.

        Must have a confirmed placement from Local Malaysian Public Universities.

        This scholarship program is catered exclusively for the lower income families.


Application form

Download it from IGB website – http://www.igbcorp.com/scholarship/DTCN%20IGB%20Scholarship%202009.pdf


Please complete the official application form and send to:

Scholarship Award Commitee


Level 32, The Gardens South Tower,

Mid Valley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200, Kuala Lumpur.


CLOSING DATE : 31st May 2009

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14 Responses to “IGB Scholarships 2009”

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  3. LIm Shi Ying says:

    before the closing date, we are not getting any offer letter from the Local Public Universities, so still can i apply this?

  4. One of the terms & condition, you must have a confirmed placement from Local Malaysian Public Universities.

  5. Phoebe Chiew says:

    Dear Sirs

    We refer to your reply(6/4/09) to Lim Shi Ying enquiry on 5/4/09.

    As the closing date of the Scholaship offer is at the end of May 2009, we may not able to received the acceptance letter from university before the specified date.

    We have checked the Scholarship Application Form in item (7)stated that – (enclose copy of application to Education Department on Degree Program applied for year 2008/2009, if NO offical Offer Letter from University received)

    So, can I submit a copy of the ‘Permohonan Kemasukan Ke IPTA’ to you to support the application.

    Your quick response is highly appreciated.
    Best Regards
    7 April 2009

    #By admin on Apr 6, 2009 | Reply

    One of the terms & condition, you must have a confirmed placement from Local Malaysian Public Universities.#

  6. Hi Phoebe & All, my mistake … Yes you can apply for it. Please refer to Q&A at http://www.igbcorp.com/scholarshipFAQ.html Anyway below are some Q&A taken from IGB website to address this issue.

    Q2 – I am awaiting result/offer into any local Public Universities and the closing date for this scholarship is approaching, can i wait for the offer before submitting the application to IGB?

    A2 – We suggest you submit the application to us stating your first and second choice of course on or before the closing date and later mail us the official/online-printed offer letter once you have received it.

  7. i just finished my studying at foundation programme..and at the end of this month i will start my degree at one local university.can i apply for this scholarship although i don’t have a diploma?

  8. I am a second year undergraduate who is pursuing my degree in local university and going to enter third year soon. I am taking my mechanical engineering course, can I still apply for the scholarship as I am not fresh graduated from STPM?

  9. Hi Nur, I’m not really sure on the status but its best that you direct your question to IGB, you can call them at 03-2289 8989 or email it to scholarship@igbcorp.com. There is no harm for you trying anyway, good luck & all the best!

  10. Hi Ling, there is no harm trying but its best to direct your question to IGB, you can call them at 03-2289 8989 or email it to scholarship@igbcorp.com. Good luck & all the best!

  11. Dear person in charge,
    I’m Alice, i would like to apply for the IGB 2009 scholarship.I had a good result in Diploma in Business Adminstrative with CGPA 3.49 in Stamford . Currently, i’m pursuing my Degree (hons) in International Business Management in APIIT/UCTI which is private universities. I’m just finished my first semester final exam and i gains good result with CGPA 3.7. Futhermore, I’m also participation in extra-curricular activities which is japanese club at JLSM.I’m learning japanese since April 2008.Besides that , I’m also worked at Erican language center company for half years before pursuing my degree program. The reason i worked is because i wanted to gains experiences during working, this experiences will benefit to me whiles i’m doing degree program.Currently, i do not have English proficiency certificate.But i can speak and write proficiency. With this qualification, can i apply for the scholarship??

  12. Hi Alice, 1st of all i’m not the person in charge for this particular scholarship, I’m just helping to further spreads the advertisement.

    You do have an impressive results & curricular activity unfortunately the scholarships is offered for students who enrolled & gotten place in local / public universities.

  13. Hi Admin,
    I applied for IGB scholarship last month.
    When can I know the status result?
    Thank you.

  14. Hi admin!
    I am a student who just completed Local Matriculation Programme under MOE. Am I allowed to apply for IGB scholarship?

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