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Nilai 3

08.10.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

Nilai-3 is a well known wholesale shopping place among Malaysian. It is located in Negeri Sembilan.

If you plan to drive from Kuala Lumpur (KL), use the KL-Seremban Highway then take the Nilai exit. The toll cost you RM4.70. It’s only a 45 minutes drive journey.



There are varieties of shops such as furniture, clothing, wedding items & accessories, curtains, carpets, car accessories and games & toys.

It is advisable to go early morning. The shops starts opening from 10:30am. At that time it will be easier for you to go around the place with your car. As noon approaches, the crowd will be more. By that time you’ll have limited parking space and most probably you’ll end up parking far away from the shop and have to walk far to shop around.

I went there to look for some baby stuff, unfortunately I only found one baby shop, but there where more baby toys compare to daily baby usage stuff.

I spent most of my time at the car accessory shop. Most of the items are cheap. There was this shop that do NGV installation, its only cost RM3K+ for NGV auto usage and RM4K+ for NGV manual.

Overall, most of the items being sold are cheap, especially when you buy in bulks!

Nilai 3

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