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My Asam Pedas Shop

08.17.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

I was at Ampang Tesco shopping mall, and was stunt seeing this big banner. Another specialize type of restaurant from the well known DJ Linda Onn of Radio ERA.

my asam pedas shop


Linda Onn had managed opened a few outlet of My Mom’s Chicken Rice restaurant here in KL from year 2005. Now she is coming out with her brand new Asam Pedas restaurant. She must have been doing well in this business. Good for her!

The new My Asam Pedas Shop was already open when I went to Ampang Tesco last 2 weeks, unfortunately I did not manage to check out the recipe or tried out the cooking which I assumes gonna be good as I just had lunch at that time.

Will find out about the cooking soon and spread the words ….

my asam pedas shop

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