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Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2008

07.28.2008 · Posted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2008 (KLWMBC)

Are you a fan of Marching Band? Here are your chances to watch the world outstanding Marching Bands compete among other bands.

The competition is a 3 round stage competition (1st preliminary 31st Jul 2008, 2nd preliminary 2nd Aug 2008, Grand Final 3rd Aug 2008), it will be held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Below is the competition details schedule.

There will be more than 20 Marching Bands from North America, Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific region and the Far East are expected to converge in Kuala Lumpur.


Among the team competing will be

  1. Calgary Stetson Marching Show Band from Canada
  2. Tanjong Katong Band (TK Band) from Singapore
  3. Ashwim Willemse Orient Marching Band from South Africa
  4. Bicycle Show Band Crescendo from Holland
  5. Marching Band Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri from Indonesia
  6. Brovt Pigegarde from Denmark
  7. Wat RajBopit Scholl Marching Band from Thailand
  8. Chomsurang Upatham School Marching Band from Thailand
  9. Shan Tao Marching Band from Sabah, Malaysia
  10. Klang High School Cadet Band from Selangor, Malaysia
  11. Methodist School Girls Secondary School Band from Pahang, Malaysia
  12. SMJK Nan Hwa Band from Perak, Malaysia
  13. Catholic High School Band from Selangor, Malaysia
  14. JIT Sin High School Band from P.Pinang, Malaysia
  15. St. Joseph Kuching High School Band from Sarawak, Malaysia
  16. Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid Military Band from Kedah, Malaysia
  17. Sultanah Asma School Marching Band from Kedah, Malaysia
  18. Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band from K.Lumpur, Malaysia
  19. Sultan Ibrahim Girls School Band from Johor, Malaysia
  20. Chung Hwa Wei Sin from Terengganu, Malaysia
  21. St. John’s Institution Cadet Band from K.Lumpur, Malaysia
  22. Cuhk FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School Band from Hong Kong
  23. Perlis – SMK Perlis from Perlis, Malaysia
  24. Kelantan – SMK Chung Hwa Kota Bharu from Kelantan, Malaysia



    The KLWMBC competitions tickets ranging from RM10 – RM30 for preliminary round. For Grand Final tickets are sold  from  RM20 – RM200

    Also take this opportunity to visit the KLWMBC carnival, FREE admittance.

    For those who love Indie Rock Music band, KLWMBC carnival is also organizing it for FREE. For more information on KLWMBC visit http://www.klwmbc.com/index.php

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    13 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition 2008”

    1. First I would like to congratulate the organising committee for organising this prestigious event. The weather and atmosphere was good over the 2 days performance at Merdeka Stadium. I would like to highlight nevertheless on some judging and logistic matters:
      1. there were insufficient carpark lots for me to park my car.

      2.We need to improve on the logistics in order to make it convenience for visitors to visit the stadium.

      3. Because this is a World event, it would be better if the stadium is decorated nicely and make it a carnival like event.

      4. if this is a marching band, i think the committee have to relook at the way it was being judged. Most of the band did not even syncronised their steps and how do we call this marching? Lines were not straight and the formation was not up to what i expected of a marching band.

      5. There were more drum beats rather than marching. Some bands are performing static which is so easy and some bands who performed so well like Tanjong katong Secondary school got a silver.What TKSS did was a marching band together with some Malaysian Bands like from Terengganu. I am not so impressed with Kedah performance as it has less music but too many display by the sede standers.

      5. There were too many flag bearers and display. Too many props were used and this really distract the visitors. We should now call this KUALA LUMPUR DISPLAY MARCHING BAND rather than KUALA LUMPUR MARCHING BAND

      6. The committee should allows only 5 minutes of preparation for the props and markers to be placed. Some bands are taking about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare those items and makes the show boring with too much waiting time but too short of a performance

      7. I understand that the Thailand team that won Gold with honour, they are so matured and also they are professional.

      Thank you for the show.

    2. Thank you very much for posting my coments. In order to improve, we need to get some constructive feedbacks. I was there on saturday and Sunday and was not too impressed with the way the criterias was set.
      1. too much side display running and carrying many props
      2. should judge on the formation and marching and not too much of a display
      3. waiting time is too long for the markers and props to be placed on the ground. Should allow only 5 minutes so that every band is given a fair chance.
      Trengganu and singapore bands has no preparation time for props because they are the ORIGINAL MARCHING BAND
      4. Should not allow PROFFESIONAL to compete in this event because they are a “CARI MAKAN” band who has been together for many years as compared to the students who has to rotate and change the whole band every year because of new students coming in and old student going for higher studies.
      If you asked me, only the 2 bands i mentioned are the real Marching band.
      5. should change the competion to WORLD DISPLAY AND SHOW BAND because the criterias are no longer emphasized on marching.
      Thank you very much

    3. concerned says:

      hi i worried about Ashwin Willemse Marching Band is misrepresent in South Africa. They say they have qualify for Netherlands and show pictures of Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri Marching Band in local newspapers and saying it’s them. This is not right i think.be aware of misrepresentating by this band

    4. By concerned says:

      My apology , i do apoligies by saying about the Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band. We the POST have just use the Bahana Cendana Kartika Duri Marching Band picture ,by the and the most suitable picture availible for the Media.The Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band Discuss matters to compete in Nederland’s due to they are and first and only band Representing South Africa in the Western Cape , for the first in MARCHING BAND KLWMBC. For more info they the Sole and Exclusive Agent for ANY Marching Bands in the Western Cape who wish to participate in any KLWMBC.BY POST MEDIA. OUR APOLOGY , WE THANK YOU AND WE ALSO APOLOGIES TO THE AWOMB.

    5. concerned says:

      There were too many flag bearers and display. Too many props were used and . We should now call this KUALA LUMPUR DISPLAY competition.

    6. The Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band Confirm with Media that they discuss matters with the WAMSB members. The media use the picture avalible, but not saying the picture are AWOMB. Due to AWOMB are the only Marching Band representing twice in KLWMBC and they are the only band to be the first from the Western Cape to represents South Africa in KLWMBC 2007 and 2008. We feel they deserve to have the invitation to Represents South Africa in Nederland’s 2009.And yes the Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band in conjuction with the WCMBA they got the Blue print by saying that they are the sole and Exclusive Agent for any Marching BAND in the Western Cape WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE in any KLWMBC – Kuala Lumpur Marching Band Competition.We thank you.

    7. We feel the Ashwin Willemse Orient Marching Band deserve to Represents South Africa in Nederland’s 2009.

    8. J.A. School of music says:

      Dont take this people to heart who talk negative about the aswhin willemse marching band of south africa. they are very professional and is run by a very professional person Mr. Fadiel Gasant, the most dedicated person I ever met and a great inpsiration to alot of people! Danville

    9. A south african says:

      Hey, i just want to say that maybe you should incourage orient, to work with more of the bands in south africa, there are great bands in cape town due to the coon carnival who i think is even better than them, to work with them to get the best representitives from cape town, so that the world can truely see what cape town is all about, great work orient, but together we can do better.

    10. piskodrocho says:

      I want to listen good music!

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