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Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia Airlines & Firefly Airlines promotion

05.31.2008 · Posted in Advertisement, airasia

The year 2008, is the battle between our airlines transportation tickets pricing. The battle among Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia & Firefly Airline is seen as a healthy competition and definitely will benefit all the enthusiastic travelers.

This year the battle among airlines was first initiated by Malaysia Airlines and its subsidiary low cost carrier Firefly with its Everyday Low Fares from RM0.00 which was then followed by Airasia.

I did some comparison among these three airlines, booked two tickets to Langkawi for Wednesday, July 02, 2008. Below are the breakdowns:-

Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

  • Air fares / person : RM 0.00
  • Passenger service charge / person : RM 9.00
  • Surcharge / person : RM 76:00
  • Total / person : RM 85:00
  • Total for two person : RM 170.00




  • Air fares / person : RM 15.00
  • Airport tax / person : RM 6:00
  • Administration fee / person : RM 22.50
  • Fuel surcharge / person : RM 19.00
  • Total / person : RM 62.50
  • Total for two person : RM 125.00




Unfortunately Firefly did not have any available tickets on the date I require. The seats where not open for booking, the latest date available for booking is 5 June 2008. Therefore I can’t make the price comparison as it is on a different date, but anyway below are some guideline of the price breakdown 

  • Air fares / person : RM 129.95
  • Airport tax for two : RM 18.00
  • Fuel surcharge for two : RM 42.00
  • Insurance surcharge for two : RM 10.00
  • Admin fee for two : RM 32.00
  • Total for two : RM 361.90




It seems like Airasia is still the best with it Low Cost fares, but with additional RM 45.00 you’ll be flying with Malaysian’s 5 stars airline MAS. 

Firefly is out of the picture because they did not provide tickets on the required date similar to Malaysia Airlines and Airasia. So no comparison can be done with Firefly.

One thing for sure you have to plan and book your airline tickets a few weeks earlier to get cheaper price, as you can see the high price for Firefly tickets for booking within week duration.

Airlines tickets price will definitely be high during the holiday seasons, but if you plan earlier you surely can get a cheaper price.

So plan your traveling properly and stick to it!

 The airline website


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3 Responses to “Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia Airlines & Firefly Airlines promotion”

  1. Totally agree that FireFly should be out of the picture. Even though the cost is the lowest among all, I will not consider FireFly in view of the terrible experience that we had before.

    If you have very tight deadline, don’t even consider FireFly. FireFly is quite irresponsible and unrealiable at this point.

    You might be happy to save a little bit and regret to have spent more eventually and left in helpless situation because of FireFly do not offer any help in the event of delay or rescheduling of flights…

    Also, don’t spoil your holiday because of FireFly, not worth it…

    Visit the follow website for more info:



  2. Please email to me evertime Mas, Airasia & Firefly Airlines promotion


    TSI Holdings Sdn Bhd
    TSI Group of Malaysia

  3. I am happy flying with Firefly. It was my first and found it hassle-free. Check-in was a breeze and collecting luggage was easy.

    Will go on Firefly again.

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