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Lumut Perak

05.18.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

Lumut is one of the famous districts in Perak, a small coastal port. Around 90KM from Ipoh.

I was amazed with the cleanliness of Lumut town, it is well taken care of. Lumut is a gateway to Pangkor Island.

Board your ferry at Terminal Jeti, which is located next to the Lumut Water Front. Ferry return ticket will cost you RM10.00 per person.

Waterfront Lumut, Perak

Terminal Jeti, Lumut

Terminal Jeti, Lumut

Below is the ferry timetable to Pangkor Island.

  • Every 45 minutes during off-peak hours
  • Every 30 minutes during peak hours

ferry schedule

If you happened to drive to Lumut, you definitely need a safe parking spot for your car. Park your car at Parking Bertingkat Lumut, owns by Lumut Council. It will only cost you RM0.30 per hour. It’s a covered parking area spot which located just around 100 meter towards Terminal Jeti.

Nearby Terminal Jeti, you’ll find various food stalls and souvenirs shops.

Terminal Jeti, Lumut

Terminal Jeti, Lumut


You’ll find lots of seafood restaurant for dinner nearby Teluk Batik. You’ll be served with fresh seafood. If you happened to travel during Malaysian festive holiday, especially Hari Raya, most of the restaurant will be closed and you’ll have limited choice and a long queue to wait before being served, so be patient!

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8 Responses to “Lumut Perak”

  1. […] The only way to get to Pangkor Island is thru Lumut Jeti Terminal. […]

  2. Your company had provided us a good service and give us a good impression because of your systematic.Thank you.
    But,the jetty of Sungai Pinang Kechil, which is located in the Pangkor island,was found that some of the parts of construction of jetty were rusty.This is very dangerous to the passengers.The construction will break down at anytime especially during the peak time.This situation is considered a very serious problem.The company should pay more and more attention to this SERIOUS problem!
    I did asked the staff on duty,but the answer is “We told the people in charge already, but they ignored it.”
    For my information,that jetty is usually used by the local people.So, maybe that person thought that,it is not important because the passengers are not included the tourists!
    Just a reminded for your company,at the same time of earning profit,the company should also be concern to the passengers ‘s safety.
    I hope that the company will solve this problem as soon as possible.It is good for the passengers and also the company.Thank you.

  3. bernard tan says:

    Can anyone plse advise me, I am driving to lumut and will take a ferry to pangkor island. Will I be able to take my car to pangkor island ? If not, where can i park the car at a safe place ?

  4. Bernard … there is NO way you can bring your car to Pangkor Island, it have to stay at Lumut.

    You should be able to find a covered parking, 100m ++ before reaching Lumut Waterfront.

    I’ve parked there a few times, my last visit cost me RM17 for 3 days.

  5. Hey guys .. good news . there is a new jetty to get you to pangkor . its located in teluk muruh . just drive and look out for the sign board MARINA ISLAND .. it only takes you 10 min to get to pangkor . save time , safe and ample parking … try it out

  6. Hi,

    Can anyone help? we (14 of Us) will be driving to Lumut and take the ferry across to Bangkor island Beach resort, during the Dec. anyone know is there a online booking web site for the ferry ticket? Thank for the help in advance.


  7. Hi Kent, so far there is no online booking for ferry. I know it will be great to have one, unfortunately they still love the manual way. Anyway, getting the ferry tickets will not be difficult. Enjoy your holiday!

  8. Hi,Can anyone for help,from sitiawan ferry terminal hav ferry connect to Indonesia Medan?

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