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How to get to Kota Bharu

05.05.2008 · Posted in kelantan, Malaysia

If you are an adventures person, driving to Kota Bharu will be an alternative way to get there.

Here are some directions for you to drive to Kota Bharu from Kuala Lumpur (KL). Along the way, you’ll pass by a few recreation places; among others are Bukit Tinggi, Fresser Hill, Gua Bama and Gua Musang.

From KL go straight to KL-Karak highway, via Gombak or Batu Caves. The 1st toll of KL-Karak highway will cost RM5.00. This highway is 60KM long. You’ll be exiting KL-Karak highway once you reached the 2nd toll booth, it will cost you another RM3.00++.

Then take Bentong exit, it will be roughly around 400m after the 2nd toll booth on your left hand side. Follow signboard heading to Bentong and you’ll reach there in around 20 minute’s. Provided there is no traffic jam!

From Bentong follow Raub signboard. Raub is another small village like Bentong. 2KM before reaching Raub there is an exit on your left to Fresser Hill.

Next you’ll be heading to Kuala Lipis, a well know village among people of Pahang. Before reaching Kuala Lipis, you’ll pass by Benta.

Gua Bama, will be located 14KM from Kuala Lipis.

From Kuala Lipis you’ll be heading to Gua Musang, a Kelantan state. You’ll be driving on a winding road from here. Lots of sharp cornering, so please drives safely!

Usually Gua Musang is where drivers like to make their stop, take a break from a tiring journey and to stretch out. By now you’ll probably been driving for 4hours without stopping.

Continue your journey to Kuala Krai and finally straight to Kota Bharu. It will take you roughly 2 ½ hours to Kota Bharu from Gua Musang.

In conclusion, the total journey will take roughly 6 – 7 hours without stopping. Here are the routes you need to follow to reach Kota Bharu via Gua Musang …

  • Bentong
  • Raub
  • Benta
  • Kuala Lipis
  • Gua Musang
  • Kuala Krai
  • Kota Bharu

There is another alternative road to Kota Bharu, via Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu using Kuantan highway. I’ll cover this in my later post. So stay tune!

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  1. Another mode of transport would be travel there via KTM, i think this is the better choice , as u could enjoy the scenery along the old railway

    best of all, KTM fare is cheap

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