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Driving to Lumut

05.19.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

Driving to Lumut will be very easy. You’ll be reaching Lumut in 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur (KL).

From KL take the North Express Way (NKVE) from Jalan Duta, follow Ipoh signboard. You’ll be taking Bidor exit, so watch out for the signboard, roughly around 60 to 70 KM from KL. If you drive with the speed of 90 to 100 KM/hrs you’ll be reaching Bidor in an hour time.

From Bidor exit, you’ll pass by Bidor town, follow the Pelabuhan Lumut signboard and you’ll be reaching Lumut in 2 hours time.

It’s not as difficult as you thought, beware that during major festive seasons the road might be heavily crowded and jammed!



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2 Responses to “Driving to Lumut”

  1. Car Driving Test Learner says:

    Really good article you have posted. It’s peaty good tips for new drivers.

  2. Ilya Houben says:

    Well, now I get where I went wrong last time we drove to Lumut from KL. We exited at Gopeng and drove to Batu Gajah. But there all signs to Lumut vanished and we ended up in Ipoh city center. Even when we finally managed to get back on the right road; again signs stopped and we got lost some 40km before Lumut (guess we almost drove back to Bidor :)). I’ll tell you, we were quite annoyed by how roads/towns/cities are mentioned on signs :). 3 hours from KL to Lumut became about 5,5 hours. Luckily we had left early, so we still arrived at 3pm at Lumut Jetty to get to Pangkor and at least could enjoy the island for the biggest part of the afternoon and evening :)

    Thanks for the information. Will keep it in mind next time.


    Webmaster of Wonderful Malaysia

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