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SGIVC – Swiss Court Holiday Apartment, Damai Laut

04.23.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

As usual, as a member of Swiss Garden International Vacation Club, SGIVC our check-in time will be at 3:00pm. I’ve arrived SGIVC Swiss Court Holiday Apartment at Damai Laut, 10 minutes past three.

So far, I’ve never had a good experience check-in at any SGIVC hotel. This time around they have problems finding my names and verifying it before I was actually given the key. 

Previously, I had to wait for another 45 minutes to get into my room after checking-in at 3:00 PM. That happened in SGIVC Kuantan. 

The given Studio apartment room was poorly taken care off. I was so disappointed with the room’s conditions.

  • There were stains all over on the bed sheet
  • Stains was also on the couch
  • The dining table and other furniture is in a very bad condition
  • The blanket given was old
  • Flies was everywhere and that was nothing the hotel staff can do about it
  • Bathroom was ok, but I expect better!
  • No toothpaste provided
  • The walk way to the room was a bit smelly 

The list is endless . . . . . 




They only provides you with 2 pillows for a queen size bed, additional pillow will cost you RM 0.50 sen each.



Driving all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut, Perak and stayed in such room just makes me so mad and disappointed. Killing my joyful holiday moods.

Imagine if I decided to have a honeymoon vacation! It’s just not worth it. Whit what had been furnished in the room, I don’t think it deserve any star for it.

Not sure about the non-SGIVC-members room, they might be well taken care off, or worst!




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21 Responses to “SGIVC – Swiss Court Holiday Apartment, Damai Laut”

  1. Hi

    pity u!!! I hv just book that apartment last two days for vacation with my family.
    Hope SGIVC will not spoil its name as my family always query the advantages of joining the club!

  2. Hi there,

    I juz got the approved confirmation on my first family vacation to damai laut on this school break(28May2009)..I hope the bad things happened to other members wont happen to me.. Hope to get the 5 stars services from SGIVC n surely I can promote your membership club to my other friends if your service is tip-top..if not sorry laa..:(

  3. I went to this apartment last month. On a ticket as a SGIVC member, I found that..

    – there’s no toothpaste in the bathroom. can u imagine how far the nearest shop from this apartment?

    – scary & dangerous route from main road to the main entrance (7km distance). no guardrail near dangerous slope!! (pls be careful when u drive at night)

    – no street lighting ok.. huh..

    – iron service provided at LG.. it’s open area & the table filled with dust.

    and a lot more..
    & i feel dissapointed paying the membership fees to receive this type of services. it should be called as 1@2 star aprtment.

  4. I received the same service during my stay in 2007. Lodge a complain to the management with expectation the future members will get a good treatment, it seem nothing change. To a reasonable thought MEMBER SHOULD BE GIVEN SPECIAL PRIVILEGE but with those remarks it seem the management is could not careless. How would a member want to promote the club??

  5. me also kena tipu to join swiss garden vocation club. i think we should not join time share. we did pay rm300-400 maintaince fee very year but not get the service we expected, like the sales girl told u all the hotel or resort u entitle to stay are 4 star above!! cheated!! this story tell u, next time do not pay even single sen to them on the spot as they will use technic to force u pay deposit to get the discount or cheapest price that is only available on today like rm15k to rm20k. but this is all cheated and old technic as u need to think like u r buying a property that service last for 30 years not 30 days or weeks. BEAWARE SCAME!! some more im entitle to stay 14 nite per year but im only able to use up 6 to 8 days, coz they always say fully booked even u book 4 months early and wish to travel on normal day not peak season. no chance at all to book on holiday or season time. (they want to make money wat! got room also say full lah!!)
    advice to everyone. thanks!

  6. whatever says:

    svigc punya kontrak berat sebelah tidak langsung menguntungkan peserta .awas jangan hampiri,bisa tertipu olehnya. aku dah kena pakejnya merugikan. bayar +rm13k++++ selang satu tahun dapat bilik 7 malam konon nya selalu fullybook. menyampah habis .apa nak buat dah terlanjur. nak jual tak boleh .

  7. Ai Ling says:

    I am a platinum member of SGIVC. Anyone willing to help me? I have booked a unit of Swiss Villa in Damai Laut and need help to book another unit. A member is limited to one unit of Swiss Villa. My dates are Nov 20-23, 2010. I am willing to exchange entitlements with you, meaning book in return for you on the dates you required, as long as by August 9, 2011. Please contact me if you are willing to help make my family reunion a success. Thanks!

  8. Shaiful Klang says:

    Become a member of SGIVC on May 2010 during one of the vacation exhibition at PWTC. Like what has been told by salong, they desperately want your money to become a member. I am one of them (read ‘you’) who trapped into their tricks..I read through the comments here and I feel dissapointed. I just got confirmation for the vacation using my ‘free voucer’ on 31 Jul – 2 August…I’ve canceled all my agenda on that time to have very ‘relaxing moment’ with my family (i guess)..reading through here I feel mad. I just hope it will not happen to me. Or can all of you do something to wake (and wack!) them up?

    Teringat memori bercuti di Medan, Indonesia…very good services…but here, isk~

  9. hi,
    sya pn mmber sgivc.sya bru lpas pegi bercuti kt swiss garden kuantan.mmg best n puas hati..servis the best. sya join dh 2 tahun tpi x pnah lak ader problem. kwn2 sya yg join jdi mmber sgivc pn x penah lak bgtau sya yg diorg ader prblem ngan hotel..sya xtau lak mmbers yg lain ader prblem ngan sgivc..pendapat sya yg berpuas hati ni, sometimes kte sndiri pn xleh nk puaskn hati smua org sbb manusia ni kehendak lain2, citarasa pn x sama. ade yg ske cra kte ader juga yg x..walaupn kte dh buat yg terbaik..kt cni sya bkan nk puji sgivc lebih2, bkn dpt komisyen pn cma berkongsi pengalaman yg saya ader ngan sgivc..sgivc xlah sburuk yg korg ckpkan stakat ni la..akan dtg sya pn xtau..

  10. bru i prasan. saudara taufiq, u ckp buruk psl hotel org lain n hotel yg u provide kt blog u ni pn i tgk x bgus mana pn.. i join sgivc club juz b’coz of their service is better than travel agents offer me..do u have any prove that u are sgivc’s members? coz i don think so..sorry!!!!

  11. TQ for the feedback Hinata. Hotel yg i promote kat sini semua ada star rating, feedback & review from users,ada yg ok, ada yg kurang ok dan memang ada yg tak ok, so kena pilih degan bijak.

  12. I dah join SGIVC since 2005. So far the service kira ok la. Cuma pernah terkena kat Grand Margherita Hotel in Kuching. Front desk staff diaorang tu buat kita macam org mintak sedekah jer. Dah la I travel from KL with small kids, sampai kat hotel nearly 5 pm.They say my room is not ready ( I did book 3 mth early ). Terus I call SGIVC customer service n complain. Tak sampai 1/2 hr, the manager dtg jumpa I offer different room ( much better )n bagi I check out late arount 6 pm. Any other hotels tak de pulak kes mcm ni. Avoid this hotel

  13. Dear Ai Ling, may be we can exchange entitlement next time cause just saw your request. I just back from there and book extra rooms from Swiss court holiday….call 0122080962 if you need my help next time. (I may need extra room also)

  14. So far the experience at Swiss Garden Kuantan has been okie…but am still disappointed in the maintenance of the rooms….if we all group up and stop paying the monthly maintenance fee….it will definitely get their attention

  15. ape pndpt korg??
    i bru nk sign jd mmbr SGIVC ntok plantinium?
    leh caye ke?

  16. Me n family hv attended d promotion vacation holiday membership briefing by SGIVCB date11/02/2012. When listen d detailing n showed sample units could make myself eager to join. We have paid d deposit amount of rm500 n will pay up d balance within a week. Unfortunately their salesperson keep on calling unpatiently. We still keep on HOLD! ! as we in doubt of their services since we hv read several comments fr their present members. Badly we tried to test them of their services. Holiday voucher were given after briefing which valid for ( 3 ) months fr d date of 11/02/2012. Date 13/03/2012 we hv make a booking at earlier stage for our vacation date 29/04/2012 – 01/05/2012. Their membership representative informed d hotel under renovation. My doubt is ALL D ROOMS UNDER RENOVATION? If so d hotel will overhead. We call d hotel n reply AVAILABLE. Membership??????

  17. Saya mula join pada awal tahun 2012 sebab convenient bila nak travel nanti, since also memandangkan kos lodging yang selalunya memang mahal. Kitorang family 8 orang. Got the free voucher and chose KL (service apartment). Very impressive, as expected, security wow!!! and very quiet too. The kind of place people look for untuk menenangkan jiwa.

    Memandangkan voucher kena guna weekdays only, so I terlepas tarikh luput. But, nasib baik juga SGIVC people said can extend. But, the hassle that I had to go through!!!#$%@^&!(? (malangnya dah ter-join…)Dia orang tak mau extend walaupun telah memfaks surat alasan untuk extend. Kata nak call later but sampai ke sudah tak call. Last last, I called them and told them I wanted to withdraw my membership and told them to return my advance money(ribu riban juga …). Terus je dia kata boleh extend and terus bagi booking… (lousy service).

  18. My first booking with SGIVC was Hotel The Zone Hotel By The Sea, JB. Ini affiliate hotel, so ada surcharge kena bayar. Tak pelah, bayar pun bayarlah tapi at least taklah mahal sangat. Sebab booking, anak nak bercuti ke Universal Studio, Singapore. The SGIVC people I called for booking were very nice. My daughters enjoyed staying at the Zone Hotel walaupun distance agak jauh (kena amek teksi untuk keluar ke causeway). Hotel was cantik, dekat dengan laut and all the happening places. Dekat dengan kedai makan, shopping2, dsbnya termasuklah bar dan kelab malam &%$#@(advise – avoid these places at night unless if you have Johorean friends to take you out). My daughters boleh cross lagi ke Singapore for the whole 3 days stay in JB.

    Mulanya nak booking the New York Hotel tetapi bila tengok conditionnya online, walaupun lagi dekat dengan Johor-Singapore causeway, the NYH not so well-maintained. Lagipun, the Zone Hotel lagi glamor kot… hihi sebab tu pilih. Dengarnya, they all pakat nak pergi lagi next year…(simpan2lah duit anakku…sebab lodging je emaknya sponsor, belanja sendiri2). So, SGIVC members yang nak bercuti ke Singapore (USS), bolehlah pilih the Zone Hotel.

  19. Christmas ni (22-25 Dis 2012) telah booked Swiss Villa di Damai Laut Resort. Dengarnya tak payah bawa periuk belanga sebab ada disediakan. Tapi, rasanya nak kena confirm juga dengan SGIVC. Rice cooker nak kena bawa kot…Tapi, menurut SGIVC masa booking tu tak payah bawa benda2 tu sebab semuanya dah disediakan. Bagus juga. Read few comments from those who had gone, so far comments memberangsangkan cuma bila jalan tak berlampu dan tak ada railing bagi jalan yang bawahnya ada slope, risau juga especially kalau jalan malam. I hope all these complains have been taken care off by now… so Damai Laut, here we come…can’t wait.

  20. I have 5 days lagi untuk dihabiskan before 26 Feb 2013. Ada sapa2 berminat nak beli ke? Kalau tak de, nak minta extend since orang SGIVC kata since I’m new and this is my first year joining, usually they allow those days to be carried forward to next year (Feb 2013-Feb 2014). Tapi risau pulak sebab nak kena melalui hassle from SGIVC management dikhuatiri mereka akan create problems@#$!%&? (like last time with the extension of voucher expiry date…). Pelikkan… kita join for good services, and supaya tak ada masalah cam ni dan yakin mereka akan beri layanan terbaik, tapi inilah nasib kita pengguna ni, selalu diperkotak-katikkan oleh jerung2 yang tau nak nganga je makan duit kita, tapi beri juga service lousy cam ni pada paying customers. On time pulak tu payment tak pernah miss in fact dah bayar advance lagi 5 bulan. Nasib baiklah ada tribunal pengguna… bolehlah gi ngadu2 manja kat tuan hakim tu…(hopefully doesn’t have to come to that).

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