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F1 PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix Race 2008

03.29.2008 · Posted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m so lucky, it was a last minute arrangement and I managed to get a ticket to watch live F1 PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia.

My F1 Race ticket

My F1 Race ticket


This is my 2nd time here, but this time I’m watching the F1 race. Previously I’ve watched the qualifying race and that was 4 years ago. This time I’m so excited to go as it’s the 10th Edition of Malaysia F1 race.

Here are some of the best seating …
K Section seats – Spectacular view of the start and finish line. Dramatic acceleration action at flag off.

C Section seats – An exhilarating view against the backdrop of the grandstand. Racers reach top speed before hard-breaking into the corner.

Sepang F1 Circuit Map

Sepang F1 Circuit Map and seats locations



If you own a good binocular, it does not matter where you seat. You’ll be able to enjoy the race tremendously.

Ticket price are from RM100 to RM725. Watch out for the sales promotions, you might be able to get a 50% discount for it.

The 2008 F1 PETRONAS Malaysian Grand Prix is an all day Race. The timetable is as follow …

  • 8:00 - 9:00am Visiting Paddock Club
  • 8:45 - 9:00am Marsyal Circuit Test
  • 9:10 - 9:55am 2nd Speedcar Race
  • 10:20 – 10:50am Formula BMW Pacific Race
  • 11:10 – 12:20pm 2nd Asia GP Race
  • 12:45 – 01:20pm Porsche Carrera Asia Cup Race
  • 01:30 F1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 01:45 – 02:15pm F1 Startup Line Show
  • 02:10 – 02:20pm Marsyal Circuit Test
  • 03:00 F1 Race

Main entrance

No outside foods and beverages are allowed. They will check for it upon entering the gate.


F1 gate

By the time I’ve arrived Sepang F1 Circuit main entrance, it was nearly 11:45am. It was a huge crowd. According to the commenter, this year race had more audiences compared to the previous 9 years race.

Get the commenter headphone and tune to specific FM which they will provide you with a clearer picture of the F1 race.

The moment I reached my Diamond seat it was nearly 12:30pm, at that time the 2nd Asia GP Race just finished.

It was followed by the Porsche Asia Cup Race. The race was great.

The F1 race started at 1:30pm onwards, beginning with the F1 Drivers’ Parade. The drivers were taken for a ride with antique cars. The parade was also joined by our Prime Minister Pak Lah.

F1 parade

F1 parade

Pak Lah waving us all



The crowd gone wild, they were calling for their favorite drivers’ name.

Then followed by the F1 Startup Line Show. At this point of time, they exposed the audience with the preparation of the F1 cars. The cars’ tires were replaced with the new tires. It took around 30minutes to prepare it.


The F1 Race officially started at 3:00pm. The sounds of the F1 cars makes me so excited, it was so loud, I have to wear my ear plug. I don’t think the naked ears will stand to hold such a loud sounds. It will be very noisy without the ear plug.

The next time you plan to watch F1 Race, please prepare a pair of ear plug.

Watching it here at the circuit is not the same as watching it at home even with your big screen TV. You’ll be able to feel the performance and power of F1 cars.

When I watched the Porsche Carrera I thought the car was very fast, but then when I watched the F1 race, the car was even faster. It was superb!

More pictures are available at gallery section. Read how to get to Sepang F1 Circuit If you plan to go there with public transportation.

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  1. Richard says:

    Hi Taufik, I’m going to the 2009 Malaysian F1 GP. May I know where can I buy the ear plug? How much per pair? Do they sell at the track?

  2. Hi Richard, i usually get my earplug for free. Anyway, yes you can buy it at the track. it will be slightly expensive. Enjoy your F1 race!

    Personally I prefer to watch the race without the earplug …. its the sounds of F1 car that makes it interesting.

  3. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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    It truly is a very important topic and overlooked by many bloggers, even professionals. I appreciate you helping getting people more educated about this topic.

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