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AirAsia – FREE Seat Promotion

05.18.2010 · Posted in Travel Tour Trip

Have you start planning for 2011 holidays? here’s your chances to get a FREE tickets from AirAsia with AirAsia FREE Seat Promotion.

The AirAisa FREE Seat Promotion booking period is from 18 ~ 23 May 2010. Traveling period is from 3 Jan ~ 8 May 2011. The AirAsia FREE seat promotion are limited and may not be available on all flights, public holidays, school breaks and weekend.

Have fun getting that FREE Seat from AirAsia.



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38 Responses to “AirAsia – FREE Seat Promotion”

  1. AirlinesFreak says:

    I heard in 2 weeks time, they will offer another great offer.

  2. Yamuna Kaliyadasa says:

    Please send me All Promotion Details

  3. harga tambang yang ditawarkan sgt berpatutan

  4. tolong hantar semua promosi pada saya

  5. please send me all the promotions to taiwan for 2011.. thanks.

  6. Hi Ning, we will update Taiwan promotion here, alternatively you can also check http://www.jomcuti.net

  7. Please send me promotion deals to India for year 2011 (March,Jun 2011)

  8. Hi Maureen, for more AirAsia promo, pls visit http://www.airasia.com, we will be sending you promotion deals from time to time, you may also visit http://www.jomcuti.net to check out for holiday promotion deals

  9. Hi, We are traveling in a group (about 20 of us))to chennai on 24th Feb and returning on 4th Marc 2011. Wondering if there are any special deal for groups. Also, tell me if there is going to be a special promo for chennai during the said period.Shuld i book now or wait?

  10. Hi Selvi, only Airasia know if there is going to be special promo or not. Personally, i just look for good cheap Airasia tickets, when i found one i’ll just book and prepare for my holiday. I hope u’ll get a nice cheap Airasia tickets, enjoy your holiday.

  11. please send me with my email your promotion

  12. please let me know the promotion flight to Kota Kinabalu from september to December Johore Baru . Thank you

  13. please send me with my email your promotion..a free or low fare for trip to malaysia

  14. pls tell me if any promo for bangkok frm kl.

  15. Hi Elaine, i’ll update in this blog if i found good promotion to Bangkok from AirAsia or MAS, be sure to visit often :)

  16. Hi there, i am planning to visit chennai this year but not sure when is the promotion period….so pls let me know about it since i’m eagerly looking forward to book soon.

  17. Can someone tell me why is it so difficult alter my flight from HAK/KUL/HAK in the month of March? Did I hear that the Flights to HAK will be terminated?

  18. I would be very happy if you could let me know when ever there is promotion flight from Johore Baru to Kota Kinabalu

  19. pls inform me free seat and all promotion

  20. Hasim Ariffin says:

    Dapatkan saya tarikh untuk promosi tambang murah/tambang RM1.Penrbangan tahun ini Nov/Dec 2011

  21. get me (ticket) low fare promo from india to malaysia on may before 20 may 2011

  22. chua tong teck says:

    get me all destination promotion thank

  23. I’m also looking for promo ticket to bangkok with my family .

  24. Please send me All Promotion Details

  25. Emma Ali says:

    i want free seat promo for 17th wedding anniversary….on 21may2012


  26. Ruzita Ismail says:

    Please inform me free seats and all promotions. Thanks.

  27. please inform me if any promo or free seats.tq

  28. please inform me if any promo or free seats.tq.

  29. Hi, please send me promotions 2012 to taiwan, thanks.

  30. pls inform me if promotion or free seats.thanks

  31. pls inform me if promotion or free seats,,TQ

  32. pls inform me any promotion or free seats,,TQ

  33. Please inform me any promotion of free seat. Thanks

  34. Please provide me more details. Thanks

  35. pse send me your free seats promo for travel in 2012.thnks

  36. hi..please let me know when ever there is promotion flight from Johore Baru to Kuching flight before may 2012

  37. Thank you-airasia.best of the best.Do inform me for any offer/promotion/discount.

  38. Thank you

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