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PETRONAS Contest – RM2 Million

02.04.2010 · Posted in Event

PETRONAS contest is back – RM2 Million to be won! Contest begin from 29 January ~ 28 March 2010, roughly 2 month duration.

With every purchase of PETRONAS fuel or Kedai Mesra items for RM30 at any PETRONAS Station, you could win RM100,000 cash plus 1 million Mesra points.

To those without PETRONAS Mesra card simply fill up the PETRONAS Contest form and submit it with proof of purchase. Forms are available at the PETRONAS Station.


Those with PETRONAS Mesra Card stand a chance to win the weekly prizes


Experiance the power, enjoy the savings with PETRONAS Primax!

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5 Responses to “PETRONAS Contest – RM2 Million”

  1. NOR MAHZUN says:

    Some petrol station are not able to produce original receipt and they can only print ‘copy of receipt’ to be attached to the contest form. Is this acceptable / disqualified?

  2. Ramlah Sharii says:

    The contest is over already need to know when to announce who is the winner!!!!

  3. petronas contest telah berakhir.. tapi kami smua ingin tahu siapa pemenangnya.. bila blh tahu keputusannya??

  4. i dont knowlah,you all ni.tak ada bahasa kebangsaan ke.. kome x fahamlah nak baca.susahlah main dgn org yg tak respet bahasa kebangsaan ni…

  5. International says:

    To “melayu” : bukan tak respect bahasa kebangsaan, cuma kita jangan jemu belajar, belajar lah bahasa international yang difahami manusia sejagat.. bahasa melayu pun ada standard dia.. kalau macam bahasa you … nilailah sendiri ye

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