Slow accessibility to domain

March 1, 2009

Apologies to those who experience slow accessibility to this domain. It’s been going on for months before I finally found some solution and work-around on how to resolve the issues. domain is hosted at Exabytes Malaysia. The 1st thing to do is open a ticket to Exabytes and query about the problem I’m facing.  They wanted me to send a ping plotter output. I did as per requested, a few times!

What’s a ping plotter? A ping plotter is a tool that will trace the road / path to your destination website from your laptop / PC. You’ll get use of it when you use it for a few times. With ping plotter, to me its obvious that the server at Exabytes was giving me problem, unfortunately support from Exabytes keeps on telling me it’s my ISP.

How can it be my ISP when I have no issues accessing other website be it locally or outside Malaysia.

Going with my instinct, I did not even call my ISP, google up any know problem on wordpress. I found my solution from Valvet Blues. After 30 minutes of troubleshooting and following the guide, is now back in the game as per usual … this time, at a better performance!


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