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SGIVC – Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment, Port Dickson

05.24.2008 · Posted in Malaysia Attraction

Swiss Garden Vacation International Vacation Club (SGVIC) provides a free stay at Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment, Port Dickson (PD), Negeri Sembilan for members. It sounded like a nice place to stay but unfortunately it’s not up to my expectation.

As this was my first time to Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment, I had a hard time finding the place. I did not find any signboard or hotel signage with the name of Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment. I only realize that I must have missed the apartment when I reached PD town.

Call up the apartment management for directions and they told me to drive into Corus Paradise Resort which I had already passed by. I thought the Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment = Corus Paradise Resort, but it was not!

Once reached Corus Paradise Resort, I could not find the apartment lobby to check-in. It’s somehow hidden. I had to call the apartment management again just to direct me to the apartment lobby.

I was shocked to see the apartment lobby. The so called lobby was actually just one of the apartments in Paradise Lagoon that was converted to a “lobby”. The lobby was really in a mess and untidy when I check-in and the check-in counter “database” was just based on an A4 size log book. No PC or laptop.

 Paradise Lagoon PD

If you are facing Corus Paradise Resort, the Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment lobby is on your left hand side. The apartment given to me was on the right hand side of Corus Paradise Resort.

It was a bit scary walking to the apartment given, as the area was a bit dark and quite.

 Paradise Lagoon PD

My first impression when I step into the apartment was “so-so”, until I saw the bed. I definitely have problem with the bedsheet and blanket given, as there were stains at some parts of the bedsheet. Not to forget the mattress was also not in a good condition, the spring was “old and sinking” that makes me feel so uncomfortable sleeping on it.

Paradise Lagoon PD

Paradise Lagoon PD

There was NO phone provided in the apartment, thus not allowing you to call or get help from the apartment staffs. You have to use your own handphone to call for assistance unless you don’t mind walking to the lobby.

20 inch TV is provided unfortunately you won’t enjoy watching it as the picture is not clear and snowing all the time, sometimes there was no signal to it. Most probably it was not even connected to the TV aerial. The most you can opt is just to watch TV1, TV2 and TV3, don’t dream of watching any HBO, Star-Movie, Cinemax or even the MTV channel.

Paradise Lagoon PD

 Paradise Lagoon PD

Paradise Lagoon PD

Not sure about housekeeping services, one thing for sure, I did not receive any of the housekeeping services, did not even see them around the apartment area.

All facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, tennis court, squash court and water sports facilities are provided by Corus Paradise Resort.

 Paradise Lagoon PD

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78 Responses to “SGIVC – Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartment, Port Dickson”

  1. ermm… yeah good comment… but cnnt blame the lagoon paradise aprt… just fuc the sgvc… they dont want to upgrade the facilities inside… berjaya vacation club got a aprt. there… they upgrade the aprt. very nice… the lobby u said is under the rental management who help the owner to rent out the aprt. must must know the situation… anyway they got 100++ unit to take care(rental management)some of the aprt is very nice coz got the good tolerate vith the owner… anything for holiday in pd plz email me ya!!!~~~

  2. Just tried the lagoon paradise on 15/10/2010. (Just wanted to used member entitlement). Service still not friendly. Furniture is very old. Still no intercom. Need to walk out to request thing that u want. But luckly got astro.
    Will not go back again.

  3. Hello,,anyone has been to Villa Dahlia Cameron Highlands..? Plan to go there during the sch holiday under sgivc.

  4. Am selling my Swiss Garden Membership. Not able to use it as I hope. So, interested pls contact prissaff2@gmail.com


  5. I really regretted joining SGIVC at first… sometimes I still do… felt really cheated as I know now I can get better deals otherwise…but..I’m stuck, so I try to make the best of it.

    So far I have tried holidaying in Langkawi (Bayview with surcharge), KL (Swiss-Garden) and Cameron Highland (Villa Dahlia).

    Bayview, Langkawi and KL was ok but you do not get free buffet breakfast you can get if you checked in personally (without SGIVC membership). It’s difficult to find tasty breakfast early morning when you are at a new place…

    Villa Dahlia was not grand but ok. Reception was old fashioned without computer. The persons in charge were old but friendly. We get to cook in the apartment. Very convenient location. We enjoyed the stay. But the apartment do not have heaters, very cold indeed. Nice & quiet place to rest…

    I hope to go to Swiss-Garden, Kuantan this Dec 2010 and Swiss-Garden Lumut in January 2011.

    From experience, they treat me better when I talk to them nicely. As years pass by, we get to know each other better. I’m quite contented now… I only have to think of food and travel cost. Room is taken care of… :)

    I hope to go to Australia and Egypt next. Wish to go to Medan etc too but too bad they only offer Bali, Bali and Bali. I’m totally not interested to go to Bali….

  6. hey there people. I booked a christmass trip with my family to paradise lagoon resort… 2 room apartment!! can anyone advise me what is available in 2 room apartment? and is every room the same?? mine is sea facing n lower ground since im doing bbq at nite.. isit ok? what is the difference between the right n left apartment??

  7. now kami berada di Paradise Lagoon Apartment. our apartment unit boleh dkatakan terbaek kalau dibandingkan cerita2 negative di atas. 2 bilik air cond yang sejuk giler…bathroom with hot shower mixer, kitchen with fridge and jug kettle. the most important part is the view…its perfect..we r at LG4..thats mean 1 level down to the beach..the best and seb bek i tak cancel trip ni juz b’coz baca komen2 negative kat atas..btw, this apartment we rent tru ‘Berjaya’and sangat berpuas hati..

  8. p/s: tv with ASTRO beyonD…..

  9. Su tolong ambik gambar sikit, kena lah bagi some prove.

  10. i’m very very scare and unhappy after reading those comments above. I’m going to Paradise Lagoon Holidays apartment this coming Sunday(12/12/2010)with my hubby and boths son under Berjaya Vacation Club. Before that i heard from friend that this is the best view point…. Now i feel very very very worries and we are going to stay there for 3 nights. can’t imagine what will happen to us…..

  11. Hi Karen, from recent comments i can see there are lots of changes. I hope everything will go smoothly on ur holiday, enjoy. Oh do send us your feedback later :), tqvm

  12. ya, i hope so too…. But, i’m really no mood~

  13. lantaikayu says:

    check in 19 dec 2010,harap dapat yg terbaik dari paradise lagoon apartment.check out 20 dec 2010.kalau semuanya lancar dan bagus,saya akan sambung satu hari lagi penginapan di paradise lagoon apartment,

  14. Hi LantaiKayu, selamat bercuti, semoga semua nya berjalan lancar.

  15. hi, everyone, i’m back from Paradise Lagoon apartment yesterday. My feeling is not so bad as my expectation~ Since i already know the worse condition from here so i didn’t so much from the apartment. The room provide by Berjaya is fine. They already changed the sofa to leather one, still no PHONE in room, no room service (we dont want/need it too) but others is fine…. The only bad thing is the envinronment of the apartment is very dirty and very old, the staff from Corus Hotel attitute is very very bad towards us from apartment and i also scolded him!! hehe, i’m so bad! I’ll provide photo to show you all soon~

  16. Karen tqvm for sharing.

  17. I`m really regret joined SG member..

    But,im also stuck..my credit card has been charged.I try to booked the room,but the feedback is very bad..this is the fav.words


    I try called sales girl..but..hampeh..tkr no kot.huh!!

    Dia cakap.wpun room fully booked.they have block room for member..TIPU punye..room block pun dah full.Since dat, i feel really2 stupid.

    Nonthing can we do rite? THIS IS FOR OUR LESSON!!..Dont lets other bcome victim!!

  18. and then there was one more guy cheated… i bought the breakaway package too… RM1k now seems like the worst investment of all, worst still i live in j.B… & all the hotels are miles away….hope they burn in hell for this too…. ahhhhhhhhhhh.!!!!

  19. aliafiqafif says:

    Hi everyone, any feedback for Swiss In Kuantan?

  20. Christine says:

    I’ve been to Swiss Kuantan few years ago with the free voucher, room ok but we were put at the ground floor room.

    Swiss Damai Laut is really bad, my brother went, he said the location is bad, difficult to find food around, breakfast and dinner served at hotel also terrible.

  21. I also want to sell this Swiss Garden Membership, no time to use .Anyone interesting, please e-mail me at :

    price can be negotiate.

  22. Hi everyone.. I’ve been SGIVC club since 2005. Until now, I satisfied all the services. Even my family and I were enjoy all the benefit. No regrets.

    But, I will check in Paradise Lagoon Apartment this friday for 2nights. Its seem scary when I read all the comments and feel terrified.

    I wish they were change..

  23. This comment seeks to provide the latest news concerning the ‘holiday apartments’ at Paradise Lagoon Holiday Apartments (PLHA), Port Dickson, Malaysia. Having read some of the earlier comments – mostly unfavorable – on these apartments, the writer (a member of Berjaya Vacation Club) just spent a few days at a Berjaya apartment at this location in mid-November 2011.

    First of all, it is to be noted that the information provided below deals specifically with a Berjaya two-room apartment on week days (not weekends or other peaked periods) as at mid-November 2011.

    Next, it is to be pointed out that PLHA and Corus Paradise Hotel are two separate entities. The apartments and hotel buildings are situated in the same compound, adjacent to one another and having the same entrance to the compound. Guests of BVC are also entitled to use some of the facilities of the hotel but the apartments and the hotel are under different management and maintenance groups.

    For BVC members (if you are first-time guests), on entering the compound from the main road, you should turn left into the car-park (quite a big one) and head toward Apartment Block D nearby, Level L1, Unit 6 to do check-in, which is handled by an agent, PDAscot Management services Sdn Bhd.

    BVC’s 3 two-room units and 5 one-room units are scattered on different blocks of PLHA, some on the left side of Corus Paradise Hotel and some on the right. (For some units, the distance from the check-in point to the units could be quite a walking distance, easily over 100 meters.)

    Conditions of BVC apartments and surroundings (based on a two-room unit I just stayed in): It’s convenient to list the points under pros and cons below.

    – spacious master room and hall; reasonable small kitchenette
    – tap water and electricity in proper working condition
    – air-con units, refrigerator, TV in proper working condition (though TV’s reception was below par and it could receive only limited number of channels)
    – bed sheets and towels were clean
    – apartment maintained daily, service from acceptable to good
    – balcony with good view of sea outside

    – the outside of the apartment was in need of improvement in hygiene and cleanliness (I think this is a problem because BVC apartments are just 8 among the hundreds of apartment units owned by different owners at PLHA!) Needless to say, this gives one an unfavorable impression of the apartments on arrival!
    – common outside facilities like lifts were likewise in need of repair/face-lift
    – PVC coverings of hall sofas were torn and needing repair (Suggestion to BVC: Use cane/wooden settees with cloth-clad cushions which are more lasting.)
    – a number of apartment furniture and other items needed repair/replacement: e.g. main gate and door lock-fixtures (loose!), dining table and some chairs (wobbling!), cupboard horizontal partition plank (displaced!), toilet seat (loose!), bathroom scoop (broken and leaking!), kitchenette hot-plate (greasy and dirty!); etc

    Overall assessment:
    For the BVC two-room apartment in question at PLHA, based on actual conditions given above a fair rating it deserved was 2 stars (compared to Berjaya Tioman apartments: 4 to 5 stars).

  24. I should have done some research on this stupid PLHA. Now it is too late coz am here aledy huhu.. With my relatives occupying 2 apts. My1st impression was so horrible, smelly compound, dark , dirty and not suppose to call it as paradise.. The apt really suck, really regret not worth to spend our RM for this place… Dun know should I continue to stay for another nite as I already made full pmt …

  25. i am a member for SGIVC, i also regret to joint as a member. every time to booking, i have to change my date or planning few times because of unavailable.
    on end of 23 Feb 2012, i make the booking for cameron, for august 2012, but fail because unavailable.
    then book for may and june also not available.
    then wanna book for nov or december, say not open for booking yet. so i dun know how early i have to make the booking.

    somemore, if you compare thier surcharge hotel. i think u walk in is cheaper booking thu SGIVC.

  26. catherine LOH ly says:


  27. catherine LOH ly says:

    ONE thing no good is the people who want to play in the swimming pool not wearing the proper cloth laaaa, swimming pool become washing cloth place. The officer also headache…………(Not the hotel problem but customers)

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