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Places of interest in Kota Bharu

04.12.2008 · Posted in kelantan, Malaysia

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  1. Making tough decisions? Hmm I rtnecely read about the Japanese authority found an 80-year old ex-entreprenuer to revive ailing JAL. Where are all the younger guys i.e. the children, the grand children? I guess when one grows up without experiencing making tough decisions, how on earth is he equipped to make one later on in his life?I was fortunate to get to know a few young Japanese. Most are well to do and probably have their respective wealth stashed behind investment funds etc. They are happy going to exotic locations experiencing different stuffs other than of course work (which they probably think they should be less inclined to do after seeing how their dad or grand dad had slogged).Maybe the children could still have done some hard stuffs hence equipped to a considerable extent. But the grand children? They grow up with kids gloves, shoved into chauffeured-driven limo and have amahs and/or body guards in-tow from a very young age. Thus making tough decisions is probably not their cup of tea (of coffee).It’s kind natural isn’t it?

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